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Paradokusu is a free resource for lj user icons and random graphics. Is managed by garuneto. Most of the graphics displayed here are japanese music related. There are some easy rules to use the graphics, so please read and follow them! I can also accept requests, keep reading for more information.


1. Please credit me! If you are using any of the icons or graphics. A little link to this journal or my personal account is ok.

2. Comment! is not obbligatory but i really appreciate comments, just saying thanks is okie!

3. No direct linking. Please upload all the graphics you are taking to your own server.


You can request graphics for me. Is totally free of charge, you just need to follow the rules~.

For request you must provide a link to the image you want me to use and a brieft description. Don't tell me "whatever you want" I need to know what you want, If ypu don't tell me a description I wont make the graphic for you.

You also need to tell me the exact size you want the graphic.

I can make icons, friends only banners, banners for your site, etc. I DON'T make livejournal templates.


I have a resource entry, if you want to know where I get the stuff to make my icons please visit it here.